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Asics Gel – Cumulus 16 Review


As I was saying earlier on my last blog, I have been a die-hard fan of Asics running shoes. And the shoe that I ended up buying the most often was Asics Gel – Cumulus.

When I went back to my online order history of the past few years, I found out that I bought Gel-Cumulus 11, 12, 14, and 15. I didn’t realize that I had been buying that many Gel-Cumulus shoes.

Looking back, I think it’s because of two reasons.

One was that it is good neutral cushioned running shoes. I tend to under-pronate, meaning I land on my outer sole when running, and to compensate for all the pounding my outer feet take, I usually look for well cushioned shoes made for neutral to under-pronating runners. Gel-Cumulus was one of the popular models made by Asics for neutral to under-pronating runners. It’s good great cushion and built quality.

The other was that it had been within my budget at around $110 retail. By the time I ordered one pair online, I usually ended up paying around $70-$80 including tax and shipping.

For these two reasons, I had gotten many Gel-Cumulus shoes over the years. And 2016 was no exception. I ended up getting a pair of Gel-Cumulus 16, the previous model of Gel-Cumulus. I think the latest model is Gel-Cumulus 17.

Since I tried the shoes for the first time on January 1st, I have been running on it for 31 miles, and here are some things that I noticed about the shoes. Some of these are observations that I had for many years when I tried earlier versions of Gel-Cumulus shoes:

  • It’s a well-built pair of shoes. Considering Gel-Cumulus shoes can be had for about $70-80 online, I feel that I’m getting a great value. Especially I like the solid feel that it gives me when I put them on and lace them up. They hug my hills snug and secure, and I get a psychological comfort of knowing that they are there to provide support when I need to land on my mid-foot and rely on hill cushion.
  • It’s very breathable. I never had a problem of feet getting hot or trapping moisture. In fact I was reminded of its breathable upper shoes on occasions when I ran through grassy field early morning. Even with a few steps of running through wet grass, I could feel the wetness coming in from outside. It’s really breathable.
  • It does take a few runs to break in the cushion. I always felt, Gel-Cumulus 16 included, that it takes at least a few weeks of running to unlock the cushion so that landing feels more supported. I thought this was the case with all running shoes, but realized that it was not so when I tried New Balance. May be the gel inserts need to be pounded for a while to get loosened up? I don’t know.
  • It gives me a structured feel to my gaits. When I land on my foot, I get lot of supports (once properly broken in). When I spring off from my foot to switch my leg, I get the well-balanced feeling coming from the shoe sole flexing just the right way to give me the propulsion that I need. Combined with ample cushioning and secure foot holding, each step feels really solid.

On my next blog, I’ll share a few observations about New Balance 780 V5, the second pair of running shoes that I got to rotate shoes. I found that there are a few things that are really different from Asics.



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