Marathon Logistics

Napa Valley Marathon is now 3 weeks away. It’s time to start thinking about logistics. Napa Valley Marathon starts from Calistoga 7am Sunday March 6th, 2016.

The website says that they provide bus ride from the finish line to the starting line at 5:15am. That means I should plan to be there by 5am, and if I were to start from home, I should leave around 3:45am. (It’s about 62-mile drive.)

But I should use bathroom and eat something before I head out. That means I need to be up by 3am at the latest. Wow, that’s early.

Should I get a room? I like the idea of shorter drive and one more hour of sleep, but not sure if I can get a good night rest and a hot breakfast 4:30am in the morning.

When I checked for the availability, I found out that all close-by and reasonably priced lodgings were all booked on the marathon weekend.

Oh, another thing. I need to show up the day before and pick up my bib and welcome packet. That means I have to make the drive twice, if I don’t stay near by.

I don’t know which would work out better. Sleep at home and drive, or stay somewhere near and sleep a bit more?

Newbie questions don’t end there.

What kind of clothes should I wear? Do I need a layer when starting out? What do I do with jacket when I take it off? What about water? I’ve been practicing with hydration belt, but not sure if I want to carry my own water when there are aid stations every 2 miles. I need all the weight saving that I can get…

What about photos? Should I run with my iPhone, just to snap a few photos along the way? Do I need to get a belt for iPhone 6 Plus?

What about deodorant? Do I need it, or it is inconsequential after 26.2 miles of sweating outdoor?

Full of questions.

I wonder what other runners are doing.


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