Napa Valley Marathon is a week away!

We are just a week away from Napa Valley Marathon. The marathon starts 7am next Sunday, so technically it’s less than 7 days away.

In a way, I feel that I’ve done a reasonable preparation for it. With a couple of 20-mile runs and average weekly mileage of 28 in the past 9 weeks, I have improved my easy pace since I started training for the marathon. My easy pace is now at 8:15 minute/mile pace, and I feel as though I can sustain it comfortably. The big question is for how long I can sustain that easy pace. We’ll have to find out next Sunday. 😉

I decided to drive to Napa Valley on Sunday. That means I’ll have to wake up by 3:00am, do my morning routine, get my breakfast, and get out by 3:45am. Google says that it will take a little more than 1 hour to get to Vintage High School, the finish line, so that means I can be there by 5am to catch the bus ride to the starting line (the bus leaves 5:15am).

After talking to a couple of marathon-veteran co-workers, I don’t plan to carry anything during my run. No water bottle, no camera, no phone, no gel, nothing. I think the best thing is to run as light as possible including clothes. Weather has been pleasant 50’s and 60’s recently, and I’m hoping that it would be nice enough to wear sleeveless running shirt.

This week, I plan to take it easy. I’ve looked at a few marathon training charts, and most of them recommend doing no more than 3 runs prior to the marathon day, so I will stick to easy runs, maybe 3 or 4 miles.

There I have it. My goal is to cross the finish line under 3:45. But I am not going to kill myself for it. Instead I plan to enjoy the community running experience. Hope the weather is nice next Sunday.


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