Night Before the Marathon

It’s now 10 hours and 50 minutes until the start of Napa Valley Marathon. Weather forecast says it will stop raining tomorrow morning, but outside it’s raining pretty hard with gust of wind. I’ll have to trust the forecast. I hope it’s right.

I had such a hard time running 20 miles last time I did my long run. I ran the first 15, but ended up walking the remaining 5. Will I be able to persist beyond 20 miles? My marathon training schedule says I’ll be okay, but I don’t know. I’ll have to trust myself.

I have to wake up 3am to make it out to Napa Valley in time tomorrow. Race starts 7am. I should pack some layers of clothes to get ready for waiting out in the cold before the race.

Will keep you posted on how things turn out. Time to get some sleep.


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