Post-Marathon Recovery

It’s been a week since my first marathon. But it already feels like a distant memory. The pain and struggle of mile 19 is fading away, and all that’s remaining clear is how much it was exciting to be part of the event. Especially starting out the run with thousands of runners in the early Sunday morning on a wet pavement was something that I won’t be able to forget easily. I can still hear the sound of hundreds of footsteps hitting the pavements.

My body has recovered well. I was able to run a couple of miles of easy run last Friday, and I was able to put in 4 miles of easy run today.

I’m already looking around for the next event to participate. My running mentor tells me that San Francisco Marathon is something that I should try. It’s happening in late July. Just about 4+ months away. That should be enough time to attempt a couple of long runs.

A couple of things that I learned from my first marathon:

  1. Eat more early on and often during the run.
  2. There is no substitute for long run training.

For my next marathon, I should increase my mileage, and experiment with my diet before and during the run.


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