Asics GEL-Nimbus 17 Review

July 1st marked my first 6 month mark to switch out my running shoes. Starting 2016, I’ve decided to switch out my running shoes every 6 months. To follow the expert advice, I decided to get two pairs and rotate them on my each run. As I increase my weekly mileage to 30 miles in my forty-something, I thought my body will need every possible edge to minimize the possibility of injury. Well, it’s been working okay so far. *Fingers crossed*

So I went ahead and got myself two pairs of shoes. One of them was Asics GEL-Nimbus 17. I found this impossible-to-resist deal on Amazon early June, and had to get a pair. I got mine for $77.24 including tax and delivery. Asics GEL-Nimbus 17 usually sells for $110 plus tax. It was a great deal. And I could not pass the opportunity.

When I first unboxed the shoes, I was surprised how bright green it was. I saw the color a few times on websites, but the actual color was much brighter green than the color shown on my laptop LCD. If you are picky about the color, I suggest that you check out the color at a local shoe store before ordering it on the web. This is actually second time that I got a color surprise from ordering a product online, and I now think about the possible color difference when buying something on the web.

Although it was a surprise, after holding it and examining the shoes for a few moments, I must admit the beaming green color grew on me. They are flashy, yet very well constructed and had much attention to details that it didn’t feel like the catchy color was over the top. Just by looking at the overall construction, I could feel that they were premium running shoes.

Stitching was right on the mark, multiple cushions in the sole were perfectly aligned and symmetric, and all the markings were perfect down to the detail, they all made the shoes that much more attractive and well-balanced to look at.

Come to think of it, I think I am appreciating all these details much more because I have bought a much cheaper pair as my second pair of shoes. More on my second pair in my later post.

When I put them on for my first run early July, it felt just right. The shoes perfectly hugged my feet. They felt really light at the same time. Not only the weight, but they had incredible cushion right out of the box. It literally felt like stepping in the cloud, and I could feel the bounce under my feet.

Running the first mile in the brand-new Nimbus 17 was euphoric. I could feel each step settling in to the cushion, and loading up the next step nicely.

But as the mileage increased, my feet started to feel more bumps and slides. It felt like the insoles were too soft to resist all the pounding, and giving in too much to my feet. At the same time, the soft upper mesh were getting stretched to provide more room to my feet to move around. As a result, my soles felt like they were getting blistery. Into Mile 6, it got to a point where I had to start walking to give my soles a break from super mellow insole.

Come to think of it, I think I had a similar issue with earlier Nimbus pairs. I remember having to switch out the insole to get better support to my feet, and having to give extra tight lacing to compensate for soft upper mesh.

Since my first run, I logged about 34 miles on the Nimbus 17. Its soft and bouncy feeling has died down a bit. Yet it still has the great cushion that feels a bit too soft by the end of my 6-mile run.

Will keep you posted whether I still have the blistery sole issue as put on more miles.


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