Signed Up For The San Francisco Marathon

I have been itching to sign up for a marathon in 2017. I was debating whether to sign up for Oakland Running Festival Marathon, the San Francisco Marathon or Half Moon Bay Marathon. But in the end, I ended up choosing the San Francisco.

It’s happening on Sunday July 23rd. It’s about 6 months out. That should give me enough time to rebuild my long runs and get ready for another shot at completing the marathon around 3:40 target time.

The one thing that I’m looking forward to the most is running across the Golden Gate Bridge. I’ve rode my bike a few times across the bridge, but it was on the pedestrian path. At the marathon, I hear that they block a couple of lanes off from the traffic, and runners run on the lanes. That should be some experience.

Now I have a goal for 2017. Let’s get out there and train!


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