About Me


I’m Jae. I make products at a startup by day, and run by early morning and weekend. I started this blog to share the lessons that I learned, but more importantly failures that helped me grow.

A bit of my running background:

I didn’t like running. When I started going to gyms in my college days, I did not know why people ran. On rare occasions when I did run, all I remember was the uncomfortable feeling of being out of breath. Total exhaustion. I didn’t know what would possess people to run. Especially long distance.

I now can begin to see why. It has been a slow process, but a steady one. After I pushed myself over gasping for air, I discovered that running became a bit easier. Once I started feeling the rhythm of my foot steps, feeling of crisp morning air under my nose, and emptying out my brain of all aimless thoughts of what had happened and what to come, running grew on me as something that I want to get better at.

So here I am. I want to apply what I know and love to do, which is collecting data, analyzing, and figuring out how to get better, to science of running. Thankfully there are many tools and resources available to help me do this. A good pair of running shoes, a brand-new hydration belt, a GPS running watch, and websites that help me track how I’m doing.

I want to use this blog to share my experiences, mistakes, and lessons. And most importantly, the joy of running.

If you have comments or questions, please drop me a line at jaeho9kim(at)gmail(dot)com.

Thank you for stopping by.